Artist Statement

A love of art has always been a key part of my life. Born in Berlin, Germany, the chaos of these early years finds expression in the structural energy that permeates my work. Later I traveled extensively in Europe studying the masters and found myself drawn to those artists who delved deeply into themselves and were able to translate their thoughts and feelings into art. Maturity taught me that painting encompasses more than the classroom; the art of painting became the study of life. Self-exploration and my own personal journey enabled me to acknowledge the power of painting and its emotional expressiveness. My inspiration comes from a synthesis of nature and my inner perceptions. The emotional aspect of bringing a painting to life, often results in the exploration of oneís self. Going beyond interpretation of the physical, I look at how my emotions and thoughts interact with what I perceive and sense. The feeling of potentiality is apparent in the joyous interplay of colors, shapes and forms, interweaving across the canvas as in a lively dance. My works are richly colored, multi-layered and have a fluid, organic style that invites active exploration by the viewer. Working as an abstract artist provides a gateway to pondering the core or essence of an idea without literal translation. I am only the hand and eye that releases what the painting is trying to say through itís marks, colors, and the surprises that surface as the canvas takes on its own life. By leaving the subject undefined, I hope the viewers will begin to interact with the work creating their own stories just as I have created mine.