Hedda Hope, born in Berlin, Germany, immigrated to the United States as a child. Her interest in art began at a young age. A series of visits to Germany, Italy, and France introduced her to some of the major museums and great masters of the western art world. Travel throughout the world - Tahiti, Africa, Belize, Mexico, Europe, the United States - influences her artistic perceptions and becomes a source for her art. The waters of Belize provided inspiration for the Coral Reef paintings; Alaska’s glaciers, Mexico’s Copper Canyon, Africa’s savannahs, aerial views of Iceland and the ancient ruins of the Incas provide insight into the power of patterns, color and texture. Her work, in an abstract vein, provides an entrance to the imagination. She received a degree in art from Stanford, a Secondary Teaching Credential in Art from U.C.L.A. and continued at Otis Art Institute for a summer. Hedda then moved back to the San Francisco Bay area. She raised two sons who are now both in the arts. After acquiring an MBA from Santa Clara University, she was employed in the Controller’s office of an aerospace corporation. In the evenings she took art classes, continuing to paint and draw whenever possible. For the last six years she has been able to dedicate herself to art full-time, and her studio has become her haven for creativity. Her work has received a number of awards and has been exhibited and collected throughout California and Europe.